What is Due Fili Plus?

With the new Elvox Due Fili Plus technology, you can now make video and audio door entry systems in a faster, more practical and flexible way. In any building context.


From single villas to large residential complexes, the system - thanks to the new expansion interface - enables connecting up to 6,400 internal units and 484 external units, and the audio and video signals are received with the highest quality up to 1,200 metres away. Due Fili Plus thus ensures perfect connections between all the non-polarized devices through which pass power, audio, video and data. For efficient, high-performance communication.


Improved performance plus easier programming. The operator is completely independent and can, all alone, directly from the internal unit, do the programming with the external unit. After encoding the internal unit, the system is able to simulate an audio/video call from the outside entrance panel. An automatic check that provides additional assurance on the successful completion of installation.


The system can then be expanded just as easily as for installation. This is thanks to the 69RS interface, that can be installed even in existing systems. Due Fili Plus technology features backward compatibility with the previous Due Fili. Each appliance can thus be perfectly installed in existing installations whether they need replacements or the addition of external or internal units.


Compatible with all the internal units in the Vimar Group catalogue, Due Fili Plus technology can be combined with different devices: from TAB to video door entry unit 5700, the latest Elvox products, from the 7200 series to the 4.3" and 10" Video Touch Screens of By-me home automation. To ensure the greatest possible freedom of choice, thanks to a single, extremely simple, high-performance system.


Using Elvox Cable or Cat 5/6 Cable PDF