New Vimar WiFi Monitors and Call forwarding App.


The original ‘Vimar Video Door’ app is now being superseded by the ‘Vimar View’ app.


The ‘Vimar Video Door’ app (pictured above) will be removed from the app store and Google Play in the near future. For new call forwarding setups do not download the ‘Vimar Video Door’ app as this will not function correctly.


Any new configurations for call forwarding will now only function correctly if the ‘Vimar View’ app is downloaded and configured.


The monitors concerned are listed below:


The icon for the ‘Vimar View’ app is shown below:

Customers who are currently using the original ‘Vimar Video Door’ app will be encouraged to update to the ‘Vimar View’ app by the manufacturer.


Please note that the ‘Vimar View’ app requires the user to create an account with Vimar as part of the configuration process