Soyal Access Control for Lifts

I bet you didn’t know that our Soyal Access controllers have a lift control function?


Government buildings, luxury apartment blocks, hotels, shared office spaces are all examples of lift control applications. The lift / elevator access system available from Raytel Security Systems offers maximum versatility with a choice of code or proximity readers at a modest cost.


Accessibility to individual floors is programmed into the system for each code or proximity token or card via a laptop or PC or the system controller keypad. Access rights can, therefore, be changed or deleted quite easily without having to change the code, token or card. Only those lift buttons enabled by the system for a particular code, token or card will operate for that particular user, thus preventing access to any other floors.


The standard system is configured for buildings with up to 32 floors but an option to extend to a maximum of 64 floors is also available. Call our Sales Team for details on 01245 428510