...now you can answer video entry calls and open the front door while sitting comfortably in the lounge - or anywhere else in the world!...


How about offering your customer with a current 2-Wire video system an upgrade so they can forward an incoming call to a mobile or tablet - Works on any existing 2-Wire Elvox door entry system.



Introducing our new Elvox TAB 7S with built in WiFi!


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The new TAB 7S is also available as a VIMAR IP version.

The VIMAR IP System A system based on full IP technology that overcomes the limits of conventional video door entry systems: performance and distances increase, audio/video communication between indoor and outdoor units becomes multiple and contemporary, the number of users potentially infinite. All this is made completely simple, also through the use of existing LAN networks, without laying any specific wiring.


  • Scalability and great versatility
  • Interface with existing systems
  • Constant & safe remote control
  • Simple & Intuitive Installation
  • Total Reliability
  • Full Coverage


Accessible anywhere : The IP system can receive the video call, view the video surveillance cameras or open the door, directly from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.


PoE Connection : The devices are powered via the data network Ethernet cable, directly from the LAN connection port. In this way, installation is quicker and more flexible, as no specific power supplies are required.


New Video IP App : The Video-door IP app is immediate and intuitive: to configure, simply scan the QR code on the video door entry monitor and follow the wizard step by step. The App manages the video door entry functions securely and freely, even when you are away from home. Downloadable from app stores for iOS and Android.